Throwback Thursday: Back to the Beginning

When you dive head first into photography a few things happen: 

1. You start to spend more time with your camera than your friends. 

2. You spend way too much money on equipment that you probably really don't need.

3. Your computer gets so overloaded with pictures you have to transfer some to an external hard drive. Also, in that process, some great shots may get lost in the archives - never to be seen again. 

When I was going through the process of starting this blog I thought about #3 and decided to venture back in time, looking at some of my first wildlife shots. Back when I was a happy go lucky high school student with her first SLR. 

It was a nice trip down memory lane and I found some great shots that I had forgot about completely. These aren't some of my best shots, but I remember the excitement I felt when I first captured them and sometimes it's nice to take a look back. 

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