Birds of a Feather Hang Out Together

The last week had been an unusually difficult one for me and I find that whenever I am going through a rough patch the best medicine is to get lost in nature. It's spring time and one of the most beautiful places to explore in the Triangle Area during spring time is Duke Gardens in Durham, NC. 

As I walked through the serenity of the gardens I stumbled upon a bird hang out. There were over 20 birds of different species just chill'en, enjoying some good eats, and the great weather.

Which was exactly what I was there to do. 

So I joined their swaray and snapped some great shots while I was at it. Some of these birds were total divas and would only let me take pictures of their good side and others wouldn't even sign a photo release! Pfft. Snobs.  

Enjoy and please leave a comment in the comment section below!