The Highest and The Lowest

Apology: I know that I don't have that many readers but I apologize for being absent. 

Life has been crazy. But in a really good way. 

With that out of the way I would like to share a few of the best shots I've taken over the past few weeks. I have been traveling a lot around NC lately and what I absolutely love about this state is how you could feasibly visit the beach and the mountains in one weekend. Which is what a group of my friends and I did for my birthday. Its was wonderful. 

The first set of pictures are from Stone Mountain and the second set are from back home in Raleigh. Sorry, didn't get any of the beach. I was too busy getting a great view of the back of my eyelids as I relaxed to the sound of the waves (be jealous). 

The dove that met us at the top of Stone Mountain was just as unexpected as meeting a friend with no feet on a nature trail in Raleigh. I loved that everywhere I went over the past few weeks there has been unexpected wonderful surprises. Life is good.