Carolina Beach On An Early Spring Day


I am writing this on a Tuesday night and I can still feel the very slight sting from the sun on my skin. It's wonderful. I can close my eyes and still see the slow waves rolling in and the breeze wafting over the crests of the waves, flinging tiny bubbles of sea foam everywhere. 

There's just something about the ocean is't there? It seems to have magical powers. I went there with stresses and the sea air seemed to blow them all away. I came home from Carolina Beach feeling fresh and ready to start the week in Raleigh. 

Carolina Beach is a 2 hour and 30 min drive from Raleigh. The temp that day was resting at a delicious 75 degrees and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Parking was FREE. Which is unheard of at any beach. However, the parking was free because technically NC beaches are still in their off season. This is also great because there was a dramatic change in population and noise pollution. Just the sound of the waves lulling me into a deep calm.  

I captured the few photos I could between my bouts of pure sun kissed tanning bliss. I apologize for their being so few but I seriously needed the R&R. 

Leave a comment below and let me know what your favorite beach in the world is :) I'd love to visit them all some day. 

The water was pretty frigid that day so mostly everyone stayed on the beach and enjoyed the warmth...

Except this brave soul with four paws. He immediately ran back to the beach when he realized he had made a terrible mistake. Burr! 

The waves seemed to perform their own ballet that day as they shimmered and rolled onto the beach in an uncountable amount of rhythmic patterns.

The gulls even seemed calm. As if pestering beach goers for their food scraps was just too daunting of a task on such a beautiful day. 

I watched the waves for what felt like hours. I let them hypnotize me. I thought about what stories they would tell if they could. I imagined they would regale me with tales of cut throat pirates, beautiful mermaids and frightening sea monsters. 

I left my footprints on Carolina Beach along with my worries. I said good bye to the waves and the sand but I'll be back soon. 

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